Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keep the Falcons

There is a lot of news and rumor going about that Bowling Green State University is about to dismantle its hockey program. This would be a detriment to the NCAA, college hockey, the CCHA and sports in general.

Sure, the main part of college should be academics, and sports just a diversion. In today's times, the college experience is more than classes. There is tradition of attending sporting events, along with theater, recreational events and so much more outside of the classroom. Plus, in today's hard times many universities have, are, and will be having major financial decisions to make.

To get rid of a institution that has a 40 year tradition, a national championship in 1984, and that has been a part of good rivalry with Ohio's other D-1 hockey teams and has been a clean program for its entire existence is a big mistake. Sure, the Falcons have seen better days and the arena it plays in is getting a bit long in the tooth, but positive change can happen.

I'm not saying to build a new arena, like Miami did - and during their lull in the late eighties there was talk of them shutting down their hockey program. But a change to the hockey culture, ie, a new coaching staff would be a good start. Surely some money for minor renovations can be raised by BGSU's hockey alumni that includes Rob Blake, Ken Morrow, Jerry York, Nelson Emerson, George McPhee and current Ohio State Hockey coach John Markell, among others.

Here's a list of trustees to contact and to let know that shutting down this program is not in the best interests of the university.,,,,,,,,,,,,,


kat_chan said...

Two Hobey winners (none from the other Ohio schools), one national championship (again, none from the other school), and we have to suffer this indignity.

I was visiting my parents when Cartwright was confirmed as BG's new president, having the "interim" tag removed. She had been president at Kent when their program was shut down. When my mom read the article from the Dispatch to me my precise reaction was "well, the hockey team's days are numbered."

Mike Liut, Ken Morrow, Garry Galley, Dave Ellett, Rob Blake, Paul Ysebaert, Nelson Emerson, Mike Johnson, Kevin Bieksa. There's a rich history there; the first two coaches were Ron Mason and Jerry York. And while the facility could stand an upgrade, it's not like it's falling apart. But when you compare it to the Schott, well it certainly pales. But it's not like Yost or Munn have been replaced, so "new arena" is an excuse that only goes so far.

(By the way, I've noted a lack of calls for Markell's head on a platter this season. ;) I told you that BG would be glad to take him if OSU cut him loose. Paluch was an awful hire.)

The Guy You Thought Was Rude said...

As you put it, would be an indignity. It's another shortsighted solution to a problem that needs to be addressed long term.

About Markell. I still do not think he's the coach who is going to win national titles for OSU. Not a bad coach, but after all OSU has invested in the program they need a better return. That said, I suspect his contract will be extended, and people will start calling for his head when his cycle of inconsistency starts up again in two years.