Sunday, March 15, 2009

Out and About

Got out of the house a bit to keep away from the media. Was getting more annoyed at cheney's sore loser fear mongering comments and the nerve of AIG to give out bonuses after receiving 170 billion dollars in bailout money.

At least it was a decent day to get outside with my son and go for a walk. We went down to Little Darby Creek. He liked walking down, and then wanted to go into the creek. I tried to convince him that it was not a good idea, he did not believe me then did not want to walk back up so I ended up carrying him on my shoulders.

His sleep has been erratic. I'm waking up at two in the morning to hear him having conversations with who knows who in the dark. He does fall back asleep after less than an hour, I think.

This was taken yesterday at the Wexner Center after picking up tickets for Hunger.

The film is by artist Steve McQueen and it's about Bobby Sands, interesting timing considering the nonsense happening in Northern Ireland. The film is this Wednesday and the director is doing a Q&A after the screening.

Time to get dinner started. Celtic beat rangers today! Blue Jackets vs. Detroit in an hour.

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