Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yelled at in my dream

It was in a building that resembled an old wine shop I worked at, the one with the bar that served as a drug haven. There was this middle aged woman with a faint New York City accent who was asking me about Washington State Pinot Blanc from a winery called Ashton or Aston Lane that was our wine of the month for May or June.

I had never heard of this winery. There is an Ashton Lane in Glasgow. I've been there. Looking it up in hindsight there is no such winery.

So she keeps prodding and I cannot find the wine and finally she yells at me that at the shop down the road they know what she likes and we do not know her at all. She leaves.

Meanwhile at the bar, I'm the sole employee (as usual), every seat is taken and the first person I speak to gives me his order in a language I do not understand.

The phone is ringing while all of this is going down, just to make me feel even deeper in the weeds.

No. I have no anxiety whatsoever.

In the last two games the Blue Jackets have played the top team in each conference. They have beaten those teams by a combined score of 10-2. Steve Mason has returned to top form after battling mono. Players are scoring key goals and the team has jelled. It's too early to say there will be hockey at Nationwide Arena into April but this is the latest in team history that they've competed for a playoff spot. It's a good ride to be on.

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