Friday, July 10, 2009

Longish, and mostly pointless

It’s been really hard coming up with the energy to write. Anything. The poems are crappier than usual and nothing else is coming out. Just filling up the moleskine and google documents with fragments and promising to form something out of them. Someday, I’m too distracted by Facebook, finding the first Hitler Downfall parody, or something. Not even reading with the ferocity of the past and what I have been reading is not overly inspiring. I am excited about new Pat Conroy and John Irving books later this year. So there’s no need to die yet. Speaking of that, Live Journal is dying. I think I got out at the right time. Not many people are posting anymore. There’s much less commenting going on. I’m probably guilty of this also, hard to think of anything to say.

At least my wife found when I put my sunglasses last night, would have been really ticked at myself if those were lost.

Homeland Security still has not cashed the check. Now I’m wondering if all the paperwork is in order. Waiting for that mail, or some good news from them.

I’m passing on the title of King of Pop to Tom Jones. The man is made of

Alright, we gave AIG 180 billion now they want to give out 2.4 million in bonuses. It cost $588 per person to bail them out of their failure. Sure, the bonuses will only cost us an additional penny per person, but that’s a bonus of $60,000 each. I’d rather have the money than these looting bean counters who got greedy, caught, then made us pay for their mistakes while pocketing billions. We are so screwed.

Meanwhile the outrage is being displaced towards a picture of Obama (and Sarkozy, but no one cares because he’s French and supposed to do those things) ogling the behind of a seventeen year old. If you see the picture, tell me she looks seventeen. Right.

Finally a lot of people are waiting for the state budget to be passed. Could mean more than a few friends of mine have their lives impacted by library job reductions, cuts in pay and other bad things. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Governor Strickland in his handling of the situation, not just the library part, but his stubbornness in thinking slot machines in racetracks are an answer to our budget woes and his refusal to roll back a tax cut former Governor Taft enacted. It’s a bad situation, this shock economy. How’s that free market working?

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