Monday, July 20, 2009

You know he got some string and he got some wood

What is it about Tom Jones and puppets? First I hear him sing Puppet Man, then another one about the Young New Mexican Puppeteer. That was some freaky stuff to be playing on the ride to work this morning.

I’ve proclaimed Tom Jones as the new king of pop by the way. Someone has to be and it might as well be him. The man is made of testosterone. In all seriousness that man has an incredibly powerful voice.

He showed up in a cameo in the Gold Help the Girl project, my wife has mentioned him a few times and I have to say I’m quite impressed by the few things I’ve heard from Neil Hannon. I’ve heard a few songs from the Divine Comedy, not much available here and am amused with his latest project, the Duckworth Lewis Method, a group of pop songs that sing the praises of cricket. I have no idea what cricket is about, maybe I need to see Laagan again, but they’re very cool songs, worthy of XTC's output.


Teri said...

My mom loved to tell the story of me at five years old watching Tom Jones sing and shake it on TV, then running around telling everyone I could find how I planned to marry him when I grew up. I love Mr. Jones!

Someone Said said...

He's been married for over fifty years, fidelity is another story :)