Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Main Reason I Watch the Game

Guillermo Barros Schelotto is one of the primary reasons I am a soccer fan. Yesterday, the Columbus Crew announced they will not exercise his contract option and are letting him go.

One of the best players in MLS history is being shown the door for no real reason other than sating the ego of a stubborn, incompetent coach and a management that cares little about building a fan base of adults. They want eight years olds who do not care if Steve Lenhart and Jason Garey can't put the ball in the net. As long as Crew Cat and his buddies keep throwing t-shirts into the crowd, it's alright.

Well it's not because the Crew are doing one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a pro sports team do, and that's remove its main asset before it was time for him to leave. Schelotto is why the team won the MLS championship two years ago. Schelotto is the man who puts fans in the seats. Yes, he's 37. Yes, his skills are diminishing. Yet, he can still produce. He was the team's top scorer this season. What did the young players the team wants to lean toward next season accomplish on the field? William Hesmer, the goalie, had one goal to Jason Garey's two. This is going to cost the franchise, dearly, in goodwill.

Crew management should keep the picture above in their offices, and look at it once in awhile, because it's unlikely they will see a player of that caliber play in Crew Stadium, as a member of the home team, ever again.

Guille, thank you for showing me how to love the game.

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