Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Google Analytics is a site I check from time to time to see how many people are reading this, and where they are reading from. It does not track individual users, but what sites they use to access this one.

I get a wide variety of hits worldwide, but wonder how much of them are from spambots. Sweden reads me? Cologne, Germany?

In the U.S., here are the top ten states.

1) Ohio. No surprise here.
2) California. I do have friends out there.
3) Florida. Big population, but I do not think I know many people from the Sunshine State. Thanks for reading.
4) New York. My home state.
5) Virginia. See Florida. Who are you Virginians?
6) Minnesota. Really? This is probably the biggest reveal.
7) Washington. I'm fascinated. Thanks for checking in.
8) Utah. You'd think this was a surprise, but there are a couple of blogs I read from this state and the reading must be reciprocated. Thanks.
9) District of Columbia. Thanks for reading my blog Mr. President!
10) Arizona. I think I know a few people there.

I can go deeper, which city or town reads me most. A shout out to Brentwood, Ca.!

Readership has been slowly increasing the past few months. Comments are always appreciated but thank you for reading this piece of the internet.


Carla Holbrook Farmer said...

Springville, Ala~Bama

Someone Said said...

Thanks for checking in Carla.