Tuesday, November 9, 2010

While Waiting in the Vision Therapist's Office

You, ok, I think of the weirdest shit sometimes. Ok, maybe more frequently than sometimes. More than a top ten list, here's a list of -

Rejected Christmas Gift Ideas

Tickle Me Brett Favre's Penis
Tea Party Rally Sign Spell Checker
Unicorn Barbie
Salmonella Fruitcake
Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" with a new Forward by Lebron James
Birth Control Sponge Bob
Jan Brewer Racial Profiling Kit
Blu-Ray Charles DVD Player
EZ-Bake Oven (Dachau Edition)
Charlie Sheen Roomba Recyclable Drug Dispenser
Circus Clown Black Ops
Texting While Driving Barbie
Mr. Potato Blight Head
How to Finally Let Go by Virginia Thomas
David Carradine Memorial Neck Tie
Slam Poetry for Dummies by Jory Farr
Obama/Biden "Two More Years" Commemorative T-shirt
Madden '11 - the One with the Buffalo Bills on the Cover
Kanye West's "Guide to Taking Turns"
2013 Mayan Calendar
Siamese Barbie

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