Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Do Have to Work Harder

Yesterday was one of those days that went from resigned sullenness to feeling pretty decent within a minute. I blame my ego, and Facebook.

Late in the afternoon, people began posting status updates saying they got an email from the Columbus Arts Council. An email that said they were to audition for the Arts Festival.

I never received an email. Woe is me.

So I posted a status update that I did not get an email and that I'll have to work harder. Then I sulked around the workplace for about ten minutes. My wife responded that I had a phone message from them. The email address I gave them bounced, and could I please give them a call? Must have been my stellar handwriting.

Looks like I got the audition after all, why else would they call? Quickly redacted the mopey Facebook status update.

Last night I made a rare journey to Rumba Cafe to catch the Poetry Forum's feature. Joel Yeager's been at WB for a few years now and he's become a poetry force, turning the absurd or simple parts of his life into amazing work. He did a great feature and I thank my lovely wife for looking after my son for the night so I could go.

Was not sure if I was going to read, but Steve Abbott asked, and, like Joanna Schroeder, how can you say no to him? Read "The Boy Who is not Still", part of the continuing autism series and my biblical persona poem, "David's Rock."

The latter poem got such a strong reaction from one local poet he came up to me after the reading and asked if I could mail him a copy of the poem and sign it. He also asked for permission to read it publicly. He runs poetry nights north of Columbus, of course I agreed, maybe I'll get a feature out of it. In any case, very flattering to get such a positive response.

Also had a firm, but civil conversation with school transportation about my son's bus being chronically late and got the ball rolling again to get him evaluated by Childrens Hospital's feeding clinic. Maybe this time insurance will not reject his treatment as being medically unnecessary. Plus, while the trip to Scotland in April is being delayed, we are going to Louisville in May and back to the olde country in late August.

Getting stuff done.

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