Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ohio Does the Madison

Today, at the Ohio Statehouse - thousands, if not more, will protest the anti-union, anti-public employee senate bill five. Hard working Americans in public service are being made scapegoats for the current economic problems this country is experiencing. It's a disgrace that millionaires and the wealthy who get tax breaks are ridiculing those who make between $20-30,000 a year for making too much money. While I believe there is a problem with today's union culture, and certain concessions should be made through negotiation, the elimination of collective bargaining is not an article that should be considered.

If you're going, be safe. Be effective.

My friend Tyrone has been in New Zealand for the past several months. He's been all over the country and was in Christchurch as recently as last week. So I was a bit concerned when reading about yesterday's earthquake. He's safe in Wellington, on the other island and did not feel it. Good luck to everyone down there. Another friend of mine does have family in Christchurch she has not heard from yet.

EDIT: Tyrone is safe in Wellington.

The kid is fine. He took a poop yesterday equivalent to his birth weight and clogged the toilet.

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