Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photographs and Memories

My adviser from college was in picture posting mode on Facebook yesterday. Among them was a group photo of people who went to a college radio convention in Washington D.C in the spring of 1983. The aftermath of a night filled with an incredible amount of drinking. There is another picture from the night before of myself and a friend passed out flat on our backs in a hotel room bed. Thankfully, that picture is not on the internet.

In the picture, I am holding a bag and seem to be eating something out of it. I was told it was KFC and was given great detail about how people needed or did not need that food after the activities of the night before. It's amazing what people can remember after drinking so much. I do remember somehow getting out of bed the next morning and going to breakfast at McDonald's with my adviser. We moved seats after realizing we were sitting under the Muzak speaker. It was a chilly and brisk morning. We walked over to the Washington Monument and he taped the flapping of the flags in the wind. I do not remember any of the drive from Washington to Fredonia, and the pit stop picture is a total blank after twenty eight years.

Aside from not taking that work study job at the library freshman year, and not taking any library science courses, and a poor relationship decision, one of my (seemingly many!) college regrets is not getting enough pictures of the experience. I have some, most of it lies in a box in the basement. Maybe I'll pull some more out and scan one Sunday afternoon. But it's not about not having pictures of the parties, but to not have any pictures of the music, the bands, the things we did at WCVF, the early shows of 10,000 Maniacs on film - that is something I would go back and correct.


Colin said...

Sometimes, in a drunken haze, the small details seem life-changing and vital. You focus in an attempt to counter the haze. And I think that Sunday afternoon will be a lot of fun! For the 80s haircuts alone, I should think.... :)

Someone Said said...

The hair was pretty scary back then, and not in an eighties way - for me anyway!

The eyewear was quite questionable too, and I have kept them.

When the box in the basement calls again, I'll post. Thanks.