Saturday, November 12, 2011

Men in Morphsuits

Instead of trying our luck and scalping tickets to the Blue Jackets game, we went a safer and less expensive route and went to see the Ohio State Mens Hockey Team for the first time this season. They've been playing well, on a four game winning streak as they faced Northern Michigan.

Not many people have been going to the game, when 2,000 people go to an arena that seats 17,000, it can feel like a tomb. The band was there though, and these dudes in front of us made the night extra special.

I was told that there were two members of the Red Man Group at yesterday afternoon's game. Tonight, the unit doubled in size.

They did some truly filthy things to the first Wildcat player who was penalized. Unfortunately the camera app froze on me, but I was able to catch security having a few words with the gentlemen.

Buckeye goal!

All was forgiven as they received approval from the second most important Buckeye. Only Gordon Gee's attendance would have given them more cred.

Later, some young ladies came down to take a closer look at the redness.

So awesome, they had to appear on the Jumbotron.

Oh dear. What are they doing?

OSU wins 4-1! Red Man Group makes my day!

All Joking aside, I was very impressed with the team I saw tonight. They can finesse it when they can and compete physically when they need to. Five wins in a row, well done!


That gentleman's lady said...

Not a fan of Hockey, but it seems like a fun time!

Someone Said said...

Those crazy kids. I do not know what's going to happen to them, but for one night they made me laugh my ass off.