Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Annual Consolation

These are five artists who came close to making my favorites of the year. For whatever reasons, they did not make it.

I like this band, but something is not quite complete yet. If they can keep it together long enough to fill in the hole, good things can happen.

I made the mistake of calling this band the Canadian Posies earlier this year. They've been around just as long. I knew this, but failed to make the connection. It's a very pleasant record, but did not have enough to push the top twenty two.

This is a monster of an album. It could be a Grammy sleeper. That said, I really wanted to embrace it, but it's too damn clean. Every note is programmed, played with expert technical precision. I wanted some spontaneity, this record is missing that.

Close, so close.

Is it me or is the video kinda pervy?

Sondre: I love you. You are the Norwegian son I do not have. You are a talented musician and arranger. A craftsman of your instruments. Son, it's been eight years since I've been following your career. It's time to get a lyricist.

Going to get to work on the obsessive liner notes soon and tweak the order of the year's best over the weekend. Expect the official release in a couple of weeks.


flats in lucknow said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely videos with us...

marybindc said...

That Lisa Hannigan video is a strange one. I found the first part of it whimsical, *but why are those hands spraying her crotch area??* Pervy, yes. By the last part I was squinting because I was just sure she was getting tons of paint in her eyes.

Someone Said said...

Ok, not just me then. Thank you for the validation!