Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One minute snapshot

Today is Autistics Speaking Day, an event similar to last year. My son does not type, but I put together a video last year and this year I have done the same.

My son does not initiate a conversation with you, for the most part he is non verbal and echoic. He is capable of telling you some of the things he wants, but he has only verbally expressed how he is feeling to me just once in his nine years. He is in there. You can see the wheels turning, the joy and the frustration. This is a typical minute of his life, with prompting.


Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Hi Ed: Thanks for sharing the video of your son today. I think that its good that both autistic folk themselves and parents of autistic folk share their experiences today. I can see the wheels turning in your son's head. People just need to look a little closer.


Someone Said said...

Thank you Nicole.

marybindc said...

Aw, I love this. :)

Someone Said said...

Yeah, thanks :)