Sunday, December 25, 2011

I See the Lights

Nothing says Christmas like Indian Buffet. Actually, that was the best Indian food I've had at this point in my life. So thank you Taj Palace, for making me believe, and for being a third as much as the Chinese Buffet we did not go to.

We had my son on Friday night and Saturday morning. We went to look around at some of the lights in the city. We were told there was an "It's a Wonderful Life" decorated house in Bexley. We had to go.

Other than the pictures in the windows, which are kind of cool, it was rather underwhelming. Reminded me of getting a big wrapped box for Christmas when I was eight, but finding out it's filled with underwear.

For the first time we checked out the State Auto display, which has become a large model of the birth of Christ. Not bad, if that's how you roll.

Columbus Commons has a rather cool display this year. Lots of LED lights. For it's first year, they're doing a good job getting people to hang downtown.

My son seemed to be tolerating walking around the park so much to the point that he whined when we went back to the car. It was cold, and I think he wanted to take another lap.

Still, the best holiday display lights up my dining room. It's a couple of houses behind us. Years ago, with my first wife, we found this. I had no idea my second wife and I would be living close.

This guy usually goes all out, and this year was no exception. Check out the American flag and the Block O.

There's music piped in and the deer are moving in front of the pond.

You know it's hardcore when the side of the house is decked out.

Anyone can get a bunch of inflatables and prefabricated junk and slap it down on their lawn, but I appreciate a display that has a balance. And this guy does it, year after year.


clinton said...

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That gentleman's lady said...

I ate Indian food maybe two or three times my many years in America. I've eaten it many many many many times that in the UK

Merry Christmas :)

Someone Said said...

I've tried Indian food here and in Scotland (The Wee Curry Shop) - have not been impressed. Yesterday's buffet was the most I've enjoyed it.