Sunday, December 11, 2011

When You Get Two Calls

We were watching the George Harrison documentary when the phone rang. I checked the number, it was a name I definitely recognized, my heart jumped because the name on the caller-ID was one that has never called me, ever. I immediately wondered who died.

Picked up the phone, the person on the line was the name on the caller-ID. It was my stepfather's sister. She was calling me because she was not sending out any Christmas cards this year, and wished me a Merry Christmas. We talked for a few minutes, we asked how everyone was. She said she was old, had good and bad days. Was maintaining. She's an absolute hoot who may out live all of us. I can tell wonderful stories about her offline and was so happy to get a call from her.

Later, while still watching the documentary, my mother called. I waited until the film was over to call her back. She asked if my aunt called. I told her she did and how amazing she is.

Just now, I found out that a cousin is having open heart surgery on Tuesday through a Facebook update.

I hate being so far away from them.

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