Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An admission that I was wrong

This place opened up in the Short North sometime in 2006, I think. Used to go there quite frequently. It was a place of Live Journal meetups, crying waitresses, first time I love you's and other awkward social situations.
I did not think they would make it. Usually we were the only people there, and they did not have what was ordered. Happily now, they're thriving, and have added an east side location. A downtown spot has been planned for years. They have a great brunch on weekends, this might be a good one to make a return. Last week I made an appearance on the radio show Speaking of Poetry. If you did not hear it and are interested, here is a link to the podcast. It was a good hour of radio in which we had a lively discussion of autism.

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BrownSugar said...

I haven't been there in years but I used to love their brunch. I would take my Aunt and Godmother.