Friday, April 27, 2012

This Place on 5th Avenue

She needed a place to stay. I think she found it through Trip Advisor. I'd driven by it hundreds of times without a second thought.

The owner saw the child's seat in my car but did not mention it until a couple of days until her stay. She is a paragon of discretion, so much that Emma chose to stay again on a second visit.

Even after she was not required to stay there anymore, we all became friends. The B&B owner's friendship became so important that we asked her if we could be married at her business. She agreed to allow a group of people from all over invade her livelihood for a weekend, somehow we all survived, despite my tumble down the porch stairs during the reception.

If you're staying in Columbus, want a place a bit different, central to the cool stuff, a great front porch for people watching and want an excellent breakfast in the morning with a fridge full of wine, stay here. You will make a friend for life.


BrownSugar said...

I'm so glad you discovered this place! Loved having your wedding and the Sangria Showdown here.

Someone Said said...

Thank the Scottish Wife!

Harrison House Bed and Breakfast said...

I'm crying! Love having you 2 as friends! We need some porch time soon.

Someone Said said...

Could not have done it right without you Lynn!

If it ever gets warmer again we'll hit the porch :)