Thursday, March 7, 2013

A new bowl of fruit please

As a poet, there are times when I know I get stale. I find a theme, topic, mood and stick to it. It may keep me writing, but there's a sense of boredom to it all. I do my best to mix up my work. Most of the time, when I read it it public, it's not the same thing over and over - even if the quality is not high.

What to do when you hear the same poet doing the same theme over and over, every week?

The topic does not matter, it can be about a cat, delivering the mail, moth balls in a dresser drawer or whatever. Every week, the same thing, and it's not parts of a story, but a slightly different way of telling the same damn thing. It's like going to an art museum and seeing room after room of still life, in the same style, by the same painter, with no real variation of color, angle, display, or shape.

Find another muse. What else ya got?

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