Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another old college try

My son has been involved in a program called Shakespeare and Autism for most of the school year. It was started by some actors from the Royal Shakespeare company in partnership with The Ohio State University. There's an hour class that he takes at school every week. It's hard to say how much he's getting out of it, he's not coming home spouting lines from the Tempest or babbling in iambic pentameter. Ok, it would be cool if he did a little bit of that.

You can read about the program here. It's an interesting take on socialization and developing verbal skills. I hope they're successful with it.

There's also a video, my son's in the background.

The kid with the dark shirt is very sweet. When I see him he always asks if I like trains.

I think my son is the only autistic kid on Earth who is not interested in trains.

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