Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A good groove on High Street

It was great to be partnered up with Izetta, who is now my Poetry Boo, for a reading tonight at Camelot Cellars. Decent crowd came out on a beautiful Tuesday night to hear us read.

Did my best to get the energy going, took a couple of poems to hit some form of a stride and when I was in the middle of one of my newer poems I could feel the click and connection with the audience happening during a few of the lines. So that part was cool!

My friend Beverly took this picture. Said it stayed in that spot for my whole set.

Felt very comfortable with some of the old poems I have not read in years. One of them was a very early one, for me anyway, going back seven years.

For record keeping, here's the set list.

Pantoum For a Child With Insomnia
Migrant Sign Spinners
Dear Unicorn Candle that We Accidentally Sent to Goodwill Yesterday
From the Streets of the Under Served
This is Not a Life Changing Poem
Previously Untitled Poem About the Vending Machine at Work
The Mother and the Chapbook
Negociant of Pleasure
After Birth
A Writer's Dream
Bullet Ponts to my Fourteen Year Old Self

Thanks to the organizers of the Wine and Poetry on High series for the invite. I really appreciated it.

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