Sunday, June 2, 2013

Digging in the folders on the bookcase

Been battling vertigo again this weekend. Same damn thing I had a couple of years ago, left me out of commission yesterday. I was able to get to work today and have been slowly regaining equilibrium.

This Tuesday night, June 4th, I will be reading as part of the Wine and Poetry on High Series at Camelot Cellars, at 958 North High Street. It starts at 7PM. I'm reading for a half hour and Izetta Thomas will be my partner in poetry. It's going to be a smashing evening. I've been looking over what I'm going to read and found a few older ones that I have not read for awhile so I'm looking forward to bringing those friends back into play. I have more than a half hour's work. Easy. But I do not want to repeat the same things I did for the Writers' Block Fundraiser a couple of weeks back. Nor do I want to repeat much for my feature at Paging Columbus in August. It's a matter of mixing the so called hits with the work I want to present. They're nowhere near where I want them to be, and probably never will, but pockets are deepening. It's a pleasure to know I can pull out half an hour of poems without feeling it sucks.

We're only five days away from the Columbus Arts Festival. Trying to get fit for the long weekend. A lot of hard work by everyone went into this festival and I can't wait for the results to show for it. I'd get excited by jumping up and down but I'd get dizzy very quick.

My son's last day of school was Thursday. This Tuesday his aide for the summer beings watching him during the day. I'm nervous and excited about this all at once. Really want this to benefit everyone involved.

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