Friday, September 13, 2013

I've lived in this city for over twenty years and there are still places to discover

Franklin Park is on the east side of the city, between olde town east and Bexley. It underwent massive renovations for the Ameriflora exhibit in 1992 and a lot of the design and garden structure from that time has remained and stayed in good condition.

I was very impressed with the small ponds that lined the northern part of the park. I've been to the conservatory several times, on the east end, but never roamed west. It's beautiful.

Very pleased to have finally found what I'm sure many have already known about. I've driven by it all thousands of times!

And it gives me ideas, for I do have some ambition left.

In other news I am once again the Chair of the Word is Art Stage Committee of the Columbus Arts Festival. Call me crazy!

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