Saturday, September 7, 2013

Warren Zevon, ten years later

This was the first song I heard Warren Zevon sing live. I had just moved to Columbus about two months earlier and was excited to see him. It was also my first time at the Newport Music Hall, once of the city's better and longest running venues.

It was quite the show, the rest of the band came on after this and went into a raucous Even a Dog Can Shake Hands and it was total rock and roll the rest of the night. Ian Wallace was on drums and it was a great performance than Warren made note of mentioning at the end of the gig.

His death was no surprise, even Zevon was amazed that after all he had been through it was not the drugs that killed him. I got to see him three times, but none equaled the first. Easily one of the top ten live shows I've ever seen.

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