Saturday, February 1, 2014

How are you my new friend?

She wants to find the flame of love! Let's trow in the best and get that flame sparked up, eh? No picture attached.

Hi! ! ! I don't know as to commence because it is my first experiment of
acquaintance in the Internet. But I write you this letter that will get make
the acquaintance of with you. I didn't get pick up on the Internet never and
thence I don't know what to write. But I choose to tell that I was tired of
loneliness and I want to find the flame of love and to start the serious
relations. And I will be g
lad if you write to me and you will desire to get acquainted with me. I
don't know why I write to you, but in you there is something like that
attracts me. I won't write about myself most, whether because I don't know
you will become interested in acquaintance to me. But after all it is the
Internet and if you don't write to me, I will find out you. But I will trust
that I will get your writing and I will write to you more about myself in
the next writing. And now, I will write about myself in a nutshell. My name
is Olya. And I am from Russian Federation. I am 30 years old. If you want to
learn about me larger, compose to me about yourself in larger detail. But I
desire to tell you at once that I refer acquaintanceship very seriously and
I desire from you same. Because I heard that on the Internet there are
people who write for entertainment cheerfully to spend time and to whom
money is necessary. And me it doesn't interest. But it seems to me that you
are very serious and I want like to know you more. Certainly I can be
mistaken but if we know each other more, time will show everething. Do you
agree? For me it is the premier step and
it very difficult, but I trow in the best and the next ensuing step for
you. I will wait very much for your answer. Olya.


Cpy999 said...

I received the same email on Feb 2, 2014. I am sure it is some sort of scam as I am not on any dating web sites and I am no looking for any one. For this just to pop up out of the blue and the for you to have received the exact same message word for word, send up a red flag for me.

Someone Said said...

I get this all the time and post it, just because.

al-waha said...

Hi angel silhouette, I do not know who you but I received your e-mail so real or virtual I add nothing unless I put my hand sign of friendship and sincerity to the expectation of mystery message.bye

Someone Said said...

Awesome, even though I never sent that email.