Saturday, February 8, 2014

An old one who will be missed, and a new one that is more than welcome

One of the major voices of my life died this week. Ralph Kiner was one of the trio, which included Lindsey Nelson and Bob Murphy, who announced Mets baseball games during my formative years. Kiner was there from the team's inception of 1962 until 2006. Being away from New York television for over thirty years did not diminish Kiner's impact on my love and knowledge of the game. He was an outstanding hitter whose career was cut short by a back injury and a class announcer with a penchant for some whoppers of malapropisms. "It's Father's Day so to all you fathers out there, happy birthday."

Ralph Kiner was 91.

After a long time of waiting, Dirty Franks West finally opened on Monday. I commend the Columbus Food League for taking a chance on the west side and making the commitment. It's a similar menu to the spot on 4th Street, but the space is almost double the size. There's even a small stage.

There is also some more great artwork by Tim Lessner on the walls. The space is divided in two. There's the bar half with some seating, and a dining area with plenty of tables.

Lessner did not, to my knowledge, create this work - which is what guys look at while facing the urinal.

The expansion of Dirty Franks is a fine asset to the west side, a part of town that is very under served. I hope this is the start of more business setting up shop here so we do not have to drive all over town for say, a coffee shop.

After 11 years of living here I may finally have a local. 2836 West Broad.

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