Sunday, February 23, 2014

When this old world starts getting me down...

We knew buying the house 11 years ago that the roof was serviceable, not old or new. The past few years, especially after a summer wind storm more and more shingles were being blown off. Never a good sign.

After the tree was pruned in the fall you could really notice the green spots in sections. No, there should not be algae on a roof.

There was some money for me after my Mom died and well, she's still keeping a roof over our heads.

The roofers were supposed to show up last Wednesday to do the install. As evidenced by the footprints in the snow all over my yard, they did, but decided there was still too much ice and snow to do the job. This was fine, I do not want anyone hurt.

It rained all day Thursday so no one showed up.

Friday morning at about 7:45, right after my son got off the bus I heard noises in the yard. The roofers had arrived. It was still a bit windy but they went to work, as did I. Stressed out at work all day and waiting for a call that would tell me they had to replace the boarding under the shingles, but that never happened!

When I got home, they were still going. The main roof was finished but the back porch was not done. I was told there were three layers of shingles on the main part of the roof, which was a lot of extra work, and an incredible mess.

They finished up on Saturday, and did a terrific job. They did a great job cleaning up and even fixed the back gate, which they knocked off kilter a little bit when they moved equipment back and forth. They left a few things looking better than when they got to it, very impressive work by Able Roofers.

So now we have nice, shiny shingles that should last a couple of decades. It also made us realize how badly the house needs a pressure wash. Next!


.:Falconmyst:. said...
I posted about your BLOG, Great job. A background other than white would be cool!

Someone Said said...

Thanks for the follow. You are right that the background needs a refresh.