Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breaking out the old technology

Spring as arrived in Central Ohio. The family took an Easter walk in Blacklick Park and hit Graeter's for milkshakes after. I'm ignoring the lawn on this beautiful day so I can sit in the Back Room and play records.

Yesterday was Record Store Day. I did my main shopping at my local on Thursday by getting a new turntable. Easy to set up, it works perfectly. It's an automatic turntable which means I do not have to interrupt my daydreaming or important writing to get up and change records.

Crowds and I do not get along so I did not wait in line on Saturday morning, but waited until later in the day. I then headed back to my local shop. There was one record I really wanted and a couple of 45s I may be interested in. There was still a crowd when I got there so I went to the first milk crate of new records and started looking.

The second record was the exact record I was looking for! Figured I'd call it a day then and there, but I did ask about the 45s. They were sold out.


BrownSugar said...

Sweet! I wanted to make it out but the day was busy enough, and I was broke. Not really feeling large crowds either of late. Sorry I missed you at the 24-hour reading. Happy Easter!

Someone Said said...

Hope all is well T.