Monday, April 7, 2014

Poem and pictures, with the boy

My son still swims, and enjoys the water. Took some pictures last Saturday. Thought I'd put an old poem with the pictures and cover a couple of topics this month; National Poetry Month and Autism Awareness Month. A couple of years ago, I did thirty poems about autism for National Poetry Month, to mixed results.

This was one of the better ones.

Swings Inside the White Fence

This little boy I see, at the playground where I take my Grandson
He seems shy
He waits his turn, patiently, to go down the slide
Sometimes he likes to climb it, from the bottom

A lot of kids do that, even my Grandson
I've never seen him speak to anyone, not even his Mother or Father
They watch him close
He walks along the fence that encircles the play area,
but does not leave
My Grandson asked me about him, he tried to talk to the boy -
he walked right past him

This boy, he makes a sound like a motor cycle, or a boat
I'm not sure why he does that
I told my Grandson that he is the captain of a ship
on an ocean that is more important
than the ground he is walking on

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