Sunday, July 13, 2014

A decade ago

This was in my Live Journal ten years ago. I'm having trouble finding the differences and changes.

"I did find time to write today. About five pages, Most of it's shit, but I wrote, and that's something. Wrote about being a retail drone in america. How it's become so damn hard to make a living being a public servant, and being treated like crap while doing it. The joys of upper level management. The craziness and suicidal urges of employers and small business owners. The sex and drug use. Weird interview questions by the larger companies. Human resources: friend or foe? Smelly customers. Savant customers who can tell you the plot of every friday the 13th movie, but get drunk and lose their kids. Drunken, tenured english professors who come into the store three times a day for quarts of the cheapest vodka in the store.

And the sex and drugs.

But most of it's shit..."

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