Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jürgen's Boys

So proud of the U.S. Men's Soccer Team, even after their defeat by Belgium today. They worked hard today, and in every game this World Cup, but even that is not enough.

The team lacked an attack, possession time and timely scoring, which is exactly what Belgium did to win. Tim Howard made a World Cup record 16 saves, which shattered the old record. Without him, the match never would have went to extra time and it would have been a lopsided defeat. Truly a performance in goal for the ages.

This team displayed a lot of grit though, lesser teams would have given up when they were down two goals in extra time, not this one. They fought, got a goal back and nearly pulled out the tying goal late. Not meant to be. Not enough polish to get through. Fair play to Belgium, who seem to have a penchant for late, dramatic goal scoring during their run this tournament. Best of luck to them against Argentina.

As for the U.S. Team something to build on for 2018. Klinsmann and his staff have some tweaking to do. A few players are likely to leave, Tim Howard will most likely step aside for Brad Guzan, and some attack needs to be developed.

No idea if this team, this World Cup is going to increase the interest in soccer here. I've heard all the jokes for the past 12 years about how boring soccer is, they have not changed. The fan base though, is on the upswing. If you were watching this match and not freaking out in joy and the potential of belief during the last ten minutes of this game, you have no soul. How can that not grab your attention and make you want more?

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