Sunday, July 6, 2014

Three days, three things

It's rare that my wife and I are social. Usually on the weekends people do stuff we have my son, or a cool thing happens on a night we can't get out of the house. We're not recluses, but when we do go out, we do not usually go where everyone else goes.

So this holiday weekend we had invites to three separate things, in three different places. All with friends, which was wonderful. There was a cookout, dinner with another couple, drinks and a send off to friends who are, sadly, leaving town.

Felt good to break the social phobia a little, to have the energy to leave the house. And it was nice to be thought of. Have one restaurant criticism. If you are a well established dining destination, how come your desserts are not made in house? And to proclaim you use Haagen Daaz, when Jeni's is a 150 yards away is ridiculous!

While all this is happening over the weekend my wife has been working her ass off getting the bedroom painted. You do not want me painting because, paint. So she got all the paint in the right places while I sat around and watched a few dull world cup matches. Sure, I mowed the lawn, kept the sunflowers moist and took the back door screen to the hardware store for repair.

She, though, did the heavy work, as usual. So she earned that shandy, and then some.

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