Thursday, July 17, 2014

Date night at the moving picture show

Tonight was the CAPA Summer Movie Series annual showing of a silent feature. I was pleased that they were able to get a Harold Lloyd film. As I watch more of his work, I respect him a lot more as a comic and tonight's feature, Girl Shy, was no exception.

It's a very pleasant comedy of a boy who meets a girl, likes the girl but does not think he's making good, so he unpleasantly dumps the girl. Then, he realizes he's doing well for himself and tries to get the girl back. There's a wonderfully zany chase sequence of over twenty minutes that closes the film. The crowd loved it, Girl Shy is a fine way to be introduced to Lloyd's work.

Once again, Clark Wilson was amazing playing off the cue sheets and providing the sound from the Mighty Morton Organ of the Ohio Theatre. It's summer to me, and they've been doing it since 1969.

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