Friday, February 13, 2009

A Good Use of New Pipe

I've been out of sorts the last week. You do not appreciate a kitchen sink until you lose it. Discovered a leaky drain pipe that was sending a waterfall of liquid into the basement. So using the sink was off limits.

I'm a lousy cook, but not being able to use dishes was tough. And washing the few dishes I rationed use of in the bathroom sink was a pain. Times like these I wish I had a stream in the backyard, and I want none of you to think I'd only complain about how cold it was! Living on a diet of take out sushi, eating out and microwave pizza was not fun, and hard on the wallet.

So I had a friend come over and assess the damage last night. A cast iron pipe had corroded so a bypass was needed. We went to Lowe's and he picked out a bunch of plastic pipes and parts which he assembled in a not quite Rube Goldberg fashion. In about two and a half hours we heard water go through the pipes and saw none. It's functional. It drains properly.

Best part, it only cost about the price to get a plumber in the door! A huge relief.

Busy weekend of son, swimming, hockey, FA Cup and Old Firm ahead.

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