Saturday, February 7, 2009

Next time, a deep fried Mars Bar

I've noticed a lot of food blogs out there. Home cooking and restaurant reviews. I'm not much of a cook, and my food criticism skill is limited but I enjoy reading them and learning about places in Columbus I have not been.

Last year I had the pleasure and privilege to take a trip to Scotland. You hear rumors of the food being bad. It was not. Had the best fish and chips of my life that Philadelphia Fish and Chicken in Glasgow. Enjoyed the pub life immensely. Why the half pint of beer and shot of whisky is not served here is an outrage. It's a very civilized way to enjoy two great beverages.

My girlfriend wanted to take me out for some classic Scottish food. And yes, you know what's coming. But first I had the soup. It's called Cullen Skink. It's a potato soup with leeks and nice chunks of smoked haddock. It's delicious.

Then it was on to the main. Haggis. The food one thinks of when one thinks of Scottish cuisine. Sheep's lungs, heart, liver and whatever else is lying around unused combined with oats and spices and boiled in a sheep's stomach. The stomach of mine was removed before serving and the innards were served on a bed of turnips and mashed potatoes. Neeps and tatties as it's called in the old country. Mine was also served with a lot of caramelized onions on top.

How was it? Quite good. In all honesty the consistency and texture of the dish reminded me of a White Castle slyder without the bun. The onions had a lot to do with that. I'm not sure I'd try it in that form again because caramelized onions and I usually have issues later in the day.

So if you're ever in Glasgow and want some Scottish food served in a good setting. The place is called Blas (Gaelic for flavor), it's on Argyle Street right across the street from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Which in itself is a wonderful place to spend the day.

I want to go back so badly.

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