Friday, February 6, 2009

Facebook Karma

If you scroll back a couple of posts you'll see I had a person contact me from out of the blue at that I never responded to.

Last week I sent someone a facebook message, and no reply. I do not know the etiquette behind all this. I guess I do not follow it.

God got me.

Finished second in a poetry slam my group puts on. Best finish ever. There's a possibility I could be part of the team that goes to the National Poetry Slam this August but I'm getting ahead of things. I need more quality work and to improve my performance. Off paper in particular. It was fun and felt good while it lasted.

Had a parent/teacher conference that went well last night. Expectations change when you're the parent of a special needs child. We saw that he could just about trace his own name with no help. The kid can handle a mouse though. He clicks fast and knows where he wants to go. Same with a laptop touch pad.

First weekend on my own in many months. What to do? I think a movie at the Wex tonight, a walk through Greenlawn - the weather is supposed to improve.

Homeland Security approved my girlfriend's visa application. Now it's off to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization. They send it to the embassy in London. Now she's subjected to a background check, various interviews in London and a medical exam. We're looking around April/May for her to be here on a permanent status.

It's happening quicker than I thought. Or, it's happening quick!

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