Friday, February 27, 2009

His Tipping Point

He likes to lean back in his chair and bump it up against a table in my living room. On occasion he will misjudge the distance, or lose his balance and fall. This is how I think he bruised his ear last week.

Now he takes the chair into the dining room, which has no rug, so I get to hear it bump on the floor. Plastic does not grip well to wood, so this chair slips often, and he falls.

He picked out a book earlier. His method of reading is to turn the pages rapidly. I try to engage him by pointing to the pictures and naming them. Tonight he was naming many pictures without prompting. He did call a whale a fish, nailed the chicken and airplane and when he pointed to a guitar and said "play guitar" I nearly wept - because I bring mine out and play it once in awhile and he likes to pluck the strings.

I got a real kick when he kept pointing at the dinosaur, saying it, then looking at me for confirmation. I also pointed at a helicopter, said "that's a helicopter" and he repeated those words when he pointed at it.

He's in there, and when we connect it's wonderful. Later, he ran around upstairs for a quite a bit, running around yelling incoherently. He's in bed now, talking to the ceiling, as he will do for a good half hour before finally falling asleep.

And for how long? Could be four hours, could be nine.

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