Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dilate Me

Been frustrated for too long. It is my age, physical condition or general deterioration? The better the technology has become in the 44 and a half years I've been wearing glasses, the less I am able to see clearly using it.

Progressive lenses and I do not get along. This is the second pair in a row I've had and they have both sucked. I have not had a decent prescription for over twenty years. The lenses I've received have not come close to equaling the ones I had in Fredonia in the late eighties. I was able to see two inch high numbers clearly at a distance of about 15-20 feet. Any price in the liquor store shelves from the cash register was clear.

On Friday I'm heading to the ophthalmology department at OSU for a thorough exam. All I want is a no frills pair or reading glasses. No tri-vision poly anti-scratch coating hi-index lenses with bendable titanium sustainable recycled from pig's hearts frames.

I want a set of glasses I can see properly out of, is it too much to ask?

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