Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Slam Season

Time to break out the notebooks, piece together the fragments and find something new in the rubble as Writers' Block qualifying slams for the National Poetry Slam start tonight.

Sadly, my schedule in August does not mesh with going to Boston for a week so slamming for funsies will have to do, until IWPS.

I'm liking the new rules for this season. The main change being the 'no repeat' rule. This means I can only read my unicorn coughing muppets as hairballs poem once during the Nats season, and not in the Nats Grand Slam. If I chose to, I can also read it just once during IWPS season.

You have to have deep pockets if you want to be in a national competition!

Starts tonight at eight. Kafe Kerouac is the place to be.

What's the big deal about Oprah meeting her long lost half-sister, I did that last weekend.

Watched about half of the State of the Union address, though Olbermann's tweets were more entertaining. Was it just me or was Obama trying to channel Reagan with the domestic spending freezes and cuts? The pat down line ticked me off because you know we're going to be searched going onto high speed rail (if that ever happens) and sports stadiums soon enough. I was also wondering if Leno wrote the smoked salmon line. Overall, not really impressed. However, I did find this screen capture to be quite hilarious.

The boy has decided waking up at five in the morning is a good thing to do. As usual, he's not telling us why. Now he's on my hip, thinking about falling back asleep I bet.


s_baghaii said...

It is remarkable that Oprah is just now meeting a long lost half sister because she is rich and could have found her siblings and met them years ago.

I doubt that we will be patted down at stadiums because the billionaires who own the teams would be annoyed if government activities reduce the amount of money they are raking in for their sporting events. Since politicians do not like to be on the wrong side of the wealthy, this will never happen.

Someone Said said...

Some families are capable of keeping things hidden for a long time.

About fifteen years ago, at a Detroit Lions game, I was patted down before going into the stadium.

Travel and tourism companies are a multi-billion dollar industry that has been unable to enact a more reasonable security process.

Granted, CMH does not have the full scan machines so we did not have to get on the airport security theater stage a couple of weeks ago.