Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hosed by Timing

It's impossible to be seething with anger at things you can't control. At the moment though, I'm shaking my fist at nature.

We're supposed to be flying into LaGuardia on Thursday morning.

Think the runways will be plowed? What about the LIE?


We're supposed to be getting 2-4" of the white death today. Will schools be closed tomorrow, or will we be buried in less of the white, cold, wet, powder than predicted?


marybindc said...

Yet again we are probably going to get very little out of this one. I want snow! Send it down here!

Someone Said said...

Turn right, turn right :)

BrownSugar said...

I'm crossing my fingers that I-70 will be clear all the way to Kansas City on Thursday. Thinking positive thoughts for all of us travelers.

Someone Said said...

I think you'll be fine traveling west. Have a safe trip.