Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Can't Win Them All

As I write this, the Blue Jackets have beaten St. Louis 5-2 for their first back to back road wins since November.

Tonight we braved the cold temperatures and headed to the Ohio State Hockey game. Last night they beat Notre Dame 6-1. I suspected that there would not be a rout tonight, and I was partially right. Notre Dame dominated and won 4-1.

The Fighting Irish are a very good team. Not sure if they're in first or second in the CCHA. There was no way they were going to be embarrassed two nights in a row and came out ready to play.

That readiness combined with Buckeye defensive errors, too many trips to the penalty box and, sad to say, poor play by goalie Cal Heeter were all factors in the defeat.

There was a good crowd on hand, the upper level was partially opened up. We were seated a section up from and just to the right of a growing student fan section.

It's encouraging to see the student support, and a growing fan interest. I think coach Mark Osiecki has a lot to do with this, he's certainly brought me back to the games putting a refreshing style of play and better attitudes on the ice every night. We'll be back in a couple of weeks when they return home to play Michigan State. The Friday night game has a teddy bear toss. I've been hearing about these things and await seeing this event happen.


Aubrey said...

The guys on the radio weren't clear about whether the refs were calling a close game or the Buckeyes were just taking a lot of stupid penalties. How did it look from your seats? (Which were very nice, by the way. I'm loving that crazy student section!)

Someone Said said...

The Buckeyes were taking a lot of stupid penalties. C.J. took one right after leaving the box. Inexcusable.

Not why they lost though, Notre Dame played a very good game after getting whipped the night before.

I've been going to the games for over fifteen years now and that's the most organized student section in a long time. Some of the third level was even opened up. People are finally showing up.