Friday, September 2, 2011

Almost four years later

My wife and her sister shopped the day away so I was left to fend for myself. I'm trying not to return to many places this trip. Wandered past a few places on the West End that I'd been to. The University and Kelvingrove Park took up a wonderful amount of time. This place though, I could not resist returning to.

Simple fish supper. The counter man could not understand that I did not want salt and vinegar on them, just salt, so I got neither. It did not make a difference.

Went down by the Kelvin River, which is next to the place to eat. Walked along the path to find a decent spot, and here it was.

In the shade, watching fisherman, joggers and strollers. Does not get much better.

Been a long day. Met a fellow blogger, had drinks at the Horseshoe and was treated very well by the bartender who, hearing my accent, gave me a couple of samples of their microbrewed beer after I told him to please bring me the #5 single malt on the blackboard because there was no way I could pronounce it. Three pound ten for a half pint of beer and good whisky. Great bar. Tomorrow could be a slower day, but a lot of walking.

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