Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is it a trap game?

One of the first things my stepfather said to me today, after seeing me in my Bills polo shirt, was, "You still root for them?"

The day was so busy I was not able to watch the Bills/Patriots game. My parents were in town this weekend, so I had go swim with my son in the pool at their hotel so Grandma can see her Grandson swim duty.

It wasn't a bad gig.

We had some other errands to do and went out to eat at a non-sports bar. My idea. Did not want to be distracted and agitated if the game was tense.

Turns out it was. We got home and the score was tied late in the game. The Bills had come back from being 21 points down. Put the game through the internet radio feed so we could hear John Murphy call the game. The local television affiliate here shows either the Cleveland or Cincinnati games, and the Browns game was not over. But for the life of me when it was over I could not believe they did not immediately switch to the Bills/Pats game as it was very exciting.

Eventually they showed the game, and we had to turn down the radio because the feeds were not even close to being in synch.

Man, that was one crazy finish but seeing the Bills finally beat the Patriots, which they had not done since 2003 was sweet! Belichick losing his cool and losing a time out, Brady intercepted four times, and unable to rally his team to a last second comeback because the Bills won the game on a last second field goal was icing on the victory cake!

How many games were the Bills on the negative side of the win/loss column dealing with last second field goals over, say, the last five years.

I'm celebrating and taking this win, but knowing that 3-0 is only 3-0. There are thirteen games left, all of them tough. None tougher than next weeks game at Cincinnati against the Bengals. If this team is serious about being taken seriously, it is a game that must be won.

Eight years, fifteen games of defeats against New England is finally over. While there are more important things happening in the world, it's good to have a victory beverage or two taking some comfort in the end of a losing streak.

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