Friday, September 16, 2011

To Migrate?

After years of waiting and rumor, Yuengling Beer is finally going to be distributed in Ohio starting next month. I say Huzzah to this! My introduction to it came years ago at my sister's college graduation in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at a small neighborhood bar she took us to. We had it on tap, while it is far from the best beer I've had it is quite flavorful, and the price point is excellent.

I'm a bit disappointed that the Lord Chesterfield Ale is not going to be sold here, probably because they do not make enough of it, there will be plenty of lager happily consumed. Never been a fan of their, or any, black and tan.

While at Kafe Kerouac the other night I noticed they had some Columbus Brewing Company's Festbier in the cooler. Made a note to have some before the night was out. Gina came into the room with one, sat next to my wife and told her to tell me the beer was excellent. Now when Gina says a potent potable is good, it's good. Went and got one before finishing my Italian Soda, and ended up having two bottles. It's impressive. Good amount of malt, appropriate for the style and enough snappy hop flavor to make it interesting. Well made. Hope to find some in the stores because I prefer it to the Oktoberfest by Great Lakes this year.

Thinking of moving this place over to Wordpress. Kicking the tires over there, not time to check out how easy it is to use, yet. Something I'm going to ponder for a few weeks before making a decision.

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