Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Proportion does not matter when they will add up to millions

Trying a new look here. Any opinions?

Last night I drove up to Mount Vernon for my feature with Joe Suarez. Had an unexpected detour that involved bridge construction but I got there in plenty of time. Pleased to see this outside Sips Coffeehouse.

First of all, my name was spelled right - and I got top billing! I've been trying to get Mark to book me for one of his nights and I'm glad he finally asked.

You never know what to expect when you read to a new audience. Read a mixture of work, most of it serious, some of it about autism.

The crowd was very, very quiet throughout. They did not even clap between poems. Not what I'm used to. Had no idea if they thought my work was any good or not.

Did a little whining about it on Facebook until Paula L. said that is how the crowd is, and that they will come up to you after and praise your work.

That is exactly what they did. Got some good feedback and conversation. All the people I spoke to had an autism story. Their grandchild or niece's son has autism. Everyone is being touched by it now. What to do about it?

Here's the set list.

It Was an Old Book
After Birth
David's Rock
Hearing Projection (new: read off iPod Touch!)
The Tall Man Tries
Jungleland: Praise and Response
Nobody's Poet

It was great being there with Joe to have someone familiar in the audience, and to exchange a knowing look when a certain guitar playing poet took to the mic.

Got some gas money, sold a few cds. Yes, it was a success. Drive home was dark, rainy and scary. My eyes are not good in the dark, and no one was on the roads behind me. When cars approached, the headlights were a bit overwhelming. Freaking age.

In other news my son now has an iPad. I set it up for him, downloaded some apps. All he's doing right now is watching videos on PBS Kids. How to use this as a toilet training tool?


Aubrey said...

Hey, you were up in my neck of the woods! That bridge "construction" is more like bridge tearing-down-and-leaving-the-road-closed. Glad it was a fun trip :)

Someone Said said...

Good thing I took the detour then. Pretty drive. Opened the windows and smelled the damp grasses.