Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bills are 5-2, here's some of the soundtrack

Since I'm not a Halloween person, here's the first of the month What I've Been Listening to project, a day early.

This may be my favorite Venezuelan metal band. Ok, screw the maybe, it is! Thanks once again to the Music Alliance Pact for this rocker!

These guys have been doing some touring, previewing some new material for their upcoming February release. I'll never see them for $12 again.

She's released her follow up to Lungs and I'm a bit on the fence. There are a couple of strong cuts on it, but too much of it sounds the same.

White Curtis Mayfield is back. I like this kid. The video for this song has a lot of bad marksmanship. Seriously. A lot of bullets do not find their target.

I think this is the best album of the year.

Will 2011 be the breakout year the Explorer's Club deserve? They have some free music previewing their efforts at Amazon that is worth checking out.

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