Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting answers

There was a situation at my son’s camp yesterday. The counselors brought him out for pick up early, with the kids that leave at three. I guess when no one showed up to pick him up they realized their error and brought him back to the play areas.

He had a fit, a big meltdown that resulted in them calling his mother asking if she could pick him up. It was about the time I was coming to get him, so she did not.

I was told about this when I got there; reassured it would not happen again. He was outside, running around to calm himself down. It looked like he was doing laps, and he was showing very good form. Not sprinting, not jogging, but moving at a good pace for a mile run. I’d consider track for him, if he understood when to stop and start, along with proper hydration.

We got to the car and he was still a bit agitated so I asked him what was wrong and what he wanted, “Nothing.” is what he said. Great, I have a fourteen year old, nine year old.

He has also, on occasion, been going to the toilet on his own. Not putting anything into it, but pulling down his pants and sitting on it. No prompting. I think his thinking is that, if he does this, he will get the iPad. Sorry kid, you have to put something in there, but a very good effort.

Later, after his shower I was putting his clothes on and asked him again what he wanted, “Drying,” was his answer.

He throws those things at you then you forget about it and a week or two later he lets you know again that he’s aware.

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