Monday, June 11, 2012

Life for the next ten weeks

Today is the first day of summer camp for my son. His mother drops him off in the morning and I get to pick him up in the afternoon. It works for both of us. Because the camp cut its hours this year, from 9-3 instead of 9-4, both of us have to chip in extra for before and after care. Neither of us want to do this, but our work schedules mean we have to, and I have to pay a ridiculous amount for after care. It runs from 3-5:30, I'm going to be picking him up around 4PM, every day. I asked if there was a way I could pay partial, and was bluntly told no.

So I get to pay a ridiculous four figure amount for camp, and even more because their hours stink. There are not many choices, if any, in the area for special needs camp. Just have to suck it up for another summer.

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