Friday, June 29, 2012

We are lucky

We had a nasty storm blow through Ohio during the late afternoon hours. The heat was in the upper nineties, the humidity was increasing just as a weak front came through.

We could see it coming.

About five minutes after this was taken the wind began to rage, the rain poured down and there was very heavy lightning. The heavy stuff lasted for about ten minutes. Ten very intense minutes.

The power and the cable flickered a few times, but for us, the power stayed on. A lot of the neighborhood still has no power. Friends of mine had a tree go through the roof of their house. Another lost a bit of his garden when a tree fell on it. It does not seem that anyone was hurt. There is a lot of property damage in the county, and state.

A branch from the neighbor's tree was knocked into the middle of the road in front of the house. I ran out to move it in the middle of the deluge.

Now I'm enjoying a martini.

Let me also give a big Thank You to all of you who stopped by here during the past month. June 2012 has registered a record number of page hits for this blog! I'm humbled by you, Constant Reader, and you, too.

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