Sunday, October 24, 2010

There is no pain, you are receding.

Friday night I saw the most memorable blending of rock and roll and theater. Roger Waters "The Wall" is the theater Ray Davies could never quite achieve on stage, the technology Pete Townshend could never grasp during his peak writing years.

The whole arena is used as a set. This could never be done on Broadway, the stages are too small.

The amount of time that went into planning this show has to be phenomenal. The costs of the ticket are justified when one sees the amount of people that have to be paid to truck this show from city to city. I saw at least two dozen semis outside of the Schottenstein Center the afternoon before the concert.

Every detail of the stage set is amazing. The surround sound was clean and incredible. The musicians, first rate. The crowd, odd, and I'm not talking about the guy in front of us who smothered us in pot smoke, but the people who yelled out they did not pay to see Waters projected on or behind a screen. Um, you're seeing The Wall, what did you expect? Loved the hotel room bit.

I've never been much of a Pink Floyd fan, but always respected Waters as being the band's main songwriter. At 67 he's not out there running around the stage, and he lacks the stage presence of most of the frontmen of his era. During "Comfortably Numb" while one of the other members of the group sang the David Gilmour parts, Waters mimed the words, reaching for the crowd with his hands. It was one of the most emotional performances I've seen on any stage.

He also has to hit his mark on the wall, every night.

Naturally, the wall came down.

We took our time leaving and while I was in the bathroom line, my friend took some footage of the set being broken down. I wondered what the wall was made of, know I knew.

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